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Return to Colombia

Excitement and apprehension prevented me from sleeping the night before the trip. I tried to relax as I lay in silence with the symptoms of my disease. Eventually the dawn chorus mingled with tinnitus to intensify my ever-present headache. Since … Continue reading

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‘Colombia! What were you thinking?’

‘What were you thinking?’ said Dr M. Her wide-eyed frown assaulted my confidence; her incredulity left me small and foolish. ‘Yes,’ I admitted, quietly, my glance downcast, ‘I underestimate the severity of my illness. But I’ve accepted such strict limitations … Continue reading

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Climb the Andes, Oh Snail, but Slowly

OK so Kobayashi Issa’s original eighteenth century haiku was: Climb Mount Fuji,                                      Oh snail,                                                     But slowly, slowly. Though in a blog about Colombia, the Andes seem more appropriate. After the worst of my illness, I examined what was left … Continue reading

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Colombia: A Trip Too Far?

I first visited Colombia twenty-seven years ago. Armed with nothing more than a standby ticket to Bogotá, I travelled the country alone by bus. It was a great adventure. Yes I saw guns and knives, someone was robbed at knife-point … Continue reading

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